Want to print our directions for your first appointment? Click here for printable directions.

Driving Directions:

We are located in Northwestern Plaza, a small office complex of three buildings surrounding a courtyard. This address will direct you to our building: Greensboro Massage and Bodywork – 2311 W. Cone Blvd, Suite 124, Greensboro, NC 27408
Once you arrive, you will head to our waiting area in building 2311.  Your Massage Therapist will meet you there at your appointment time to take you to your treatment room and start your massage.

To Our Waiting Area:

  1. The front entrance says “Northwestern Plaza” over an archway, with two flag poles. Park near that and go through the archway.
  2. Go downstairs or ride the elevator down to the courtyard.
  3. Building 2311 will be on your right: enter the red door immediately on your right (you’ll see our sign pointing to this door). This red door leads into a hallway.
  4. Just past the restroom facilities and water fountain, there will be a side hallway with a “Welcome” mat. You will see a small black table, a plant, and two blue chairs: this is our waiting area.
  5. Fill out the intake paperwork that’s on the table, relax, and your therapist will meet you there shortly.