Holding an event? Consider offering massage. Massage can attract more guests, keep them around longer feeling refreshed, or just add value to their experience. Alternatively, consider offering massage to your staff to boost morale or help them get through the day.
Around the office? Great for employee appreciation events, bringing massage to your office can be less expensive and more rewarding than a pizza party.

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Benefits: The research about the benefits of Chair Massage backs up what we at Greensboro Massage and Bodywork have been seeing for years.
Just 15 minutes of chair massage can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease stress and muscle tension and
  • Increase alertness.

Regular chair massage at the workplace can:

  •  Improve retention
  •  Improve morale and
  • Decrease health care costs from stress and ergonomic related injuries.


Bringing chair massage to your office is more affordable than you might think. Greensboro Massage and Bodywork Carolina Brewfest 2016 Boffers chair massage for $65 per therapist per hour.
Depending on the length of the massage per person, the cost is about $5 – $10 guest.
Total cost depends on the number of hours and therapists to serve the amount of people at your event.

What does event massage look like?

Mobile massage comes in a variety of forms, including clothed chair massage, clothed table massage, foot massage, or hand massage. Specially designed massage chairs allow us to work your neck, back, arms and hands.  Even with the client clothed, we can still provide a solid massage on a table, utilizing stretches and compression through the clothes. An antigravity chair allows the client to relax while we pamper their hands and feet.

Where can we do chair massage?

Options are endless.  Wherever there are people, we can do massage.  Here is a list to get your started:

  • Events
  • Offices
  • Bachelorette Parties, Girls-Nights, or Relaxation Parties
  • Employee Appreciation/Customer Appreciate Events
  • Expos, Conventions, or Festivals
  • Summer Camps or After School Programs


Note: at this time, we do not do outcalls to homes out hotel rooms. We only offer event massage in pubic spaces.