Our practice specializes in couples massage.  Couples massages are a relaxing, personal experience.  The massages occur at the same time and in the same room with two different experienced therapists.  The sessions have the same benefits of single-session massages, but with some additional perks.

Personal:  Some clients use the session to catch up and chat, while others enjoy the massages in silence.  Even without words, the shared experience is a special way to spend quality time together.hands

Comfort: Someone new to the massage world may be nervous about their first session.  Couples massage allows clients to relax more fully with someone they already know and feel comfortable with.  Consider bringing a nervous friend, partner, or family member with you for a couples massage to help introduce them to massage therapy.

The Gift of Wellness: Sometimes struggling to find the perfect gift for your friend who has everything can leave you feeling frustrated.  Couples massage is a great way to remind your busy loved one to take time to prioritize their health and well-being.  It’s also a great way to recommit to a healthy lifestyle with a friend or partner.

Couples massage is great for all kinds of couples, not just romantic partners.  Friends, family members, and mother/daughters can also enjoy the benefits of couples massage together.

Our massage room features two screens that can either be opened or closed to the level of comfort of the clients, either creating more privacy or allowing you to experience the massage together.

Cost: $60 per person for 60 minutes, $90 per person for 90 minutes.