Deep tissue massage is an intentional massage to address pain, injury, and problem areas.  During a deep tissue massage, we access muscle tissues beneath the superficial fascia to attempt to relieve chronic muscle problems or injuries.

Experienced: All of us at Greensboro Massage and Bodywork are experienced in deep tissue massage and condition specific massage techniques.  We tend to approach this style of massage with a blend of techniques, including sports massage, trigger point release, and stretching.  We have thousands of hours of experience doing deep tissue massage, and it is one of our most popular requests.

Unique Approach: Michael was an engineer for 30 years before becoming a massage therapist in 2007.  He brings a unique analytical background to his massage, and understands how the body works as a machine.  He also was a teacher of physiology at Kneaded Energy School of Massage for 5 years.  He uses this knowledge to help people get out of pain. He taught both Megan and Bethany in school, and since graduation continued to teach them techniques to target specific muscles.  Michael’s background makes us a stronger practice, as we continue to learn the most effective ways to preform deep tissue massage.

Feedback: Deep tissue requires a trust between the client and therapist.  Client feedback throughout the session is encouraged.  Please let us know if anything is every uncomfortable, if we need to adjust  the pressure, or if you want to change to a different area.

Deep tissue work can be the focus of the entire session or be blended into the session with other techniques and modalities.  All sessions are completely customizable to your needs.

Cost: Deep tissue sessions cost the same as all sessions.  A 60 minute massage is $60, 90 minute massage is $90.