Michael Hot Stone smallWe are big fans of hot stones.  We believe stones give us the ability to work more effectively with less discomfort to the client. We know that hot stones are one of the reasons our clients come back to us over and over.

The heat from the stones melt tight, tense, tender muscles.  We integrate the stones throughout the massage, manipulating the muscles with both our hands and the stones.  The result? Our clients say they feel much more relaxed after a session and notice a difference in their muscles longer.

The stones are great tools for both relaxation and deep tissue massages.

No Extra Cost:  While some practices and spas charge extra for hot stone massage, we include them in any session.  We want clients to be able to experience them without debating an upcharge.

Experienced:  Each of us are particularly experienced and educated in hot stone techniques.  We have been using hot stones in the majority of our massages for years, and have developed our own intuitive styles for using hot stones.

Effective:  We have had clients that have been receiving regular massages for years and have seen noticeably more results receiving hot stone massages than traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage.  The heat mixed with the manual manipulation of the tissue is a great defense against tight, sore muscles.