Prenatal massage has similar goals to regular massage – relax tight muscles, soothe pain, increase circulation, and simply make you feel good.  However, prenatal massage also requires additional training and care to personalize the massage to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.  We have two prenatal certified massage therapists at Greensboro Massage and Bodywork.  Megan and Bethany took the class together when Bethany was pregnant with her first daughter, and discovered a passion for the modality.

Prenatal massage is a cozy, side-lying massage typically focusing on the areas of discomfort during pregnancy: low back, feet, neck, and shoulders.

Massage is a great way to maintain your health throughout the pregnancy.  Studies have proven that regular massage during pregnancy can improve mood swings, ease insomnia and muscle pains, and decrease labor time and complications.

Our experience and certification in prenatal massage ensures we are acutely aware of the safest way to perform prenatal massage.  We know the areas to avoid, and promise to take great care of both of you.  We strive to stay up-to-date on all research and techniques to provide an effective, relaxing massage.

Be aware that prenatal massage cannot include hot stones or any other heat sources (towels, table warmers) due to an the extra strain heat can put on the pregnant body.

Cost: Prenatal massage is the same price as all of our sessions. A 60 minute massage is $60, 90 minute massage is $90.

Gifts: If you’re shopping for a pregnant loved one, consider a gift card or package of massages to encourage them to take time for themselves during the pregnancy.  Massages make a thoughtful gift to show someone you care about their loved ones.  Shop our gift cards here.