Megan Dombroski Reese, LMBT NC 13978

megan dombroski lmbtMegan specializes in combining relaxation and therapeutic techniques, and easing neck and low back pain. She also is experienced with prenatal massage, and has taken continued education to better serve expectant mothers.  Her work is intentional, focused, and relieving.  She is a gentle soul, full of empathy and understanding.  Megan has more than 2,000 hours of hands on experience performing massage.

Before she  found massage, she worked as a health journalist for a weekly newspaper in Asheville, NC. She is endlessly curious about the human body – and is always seeking new and better ways to help her clients.  When not doing massage, she loves to hike with her family and dog, cook, take photographs and paint.

Massage Modalities:

• Prenatal
• Hot Stone
• Swedish
• Relaxation
• Deep Tissue
• Condition Specific/Medical
• Sports

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“I feel like my body took a big sigh, relaxed, and everything is in it’s proper place.” -MS

“Megan is such an attentive therapists.  She truly listens to what you need, and will work with you.  She really makes you feel safe and heard.” -HH

“I am truly pleased with the progress we’ve made together.  My legs and hips feel so much better.” – JA

“My first prenatal massage with her was the hands-down, best massage I’ve ever gotten, pregnant or otherwise.  It feels so good, it’s just not fair!  It convinced me to come regularly.” -AS