Michael Hot Stone smallMichael Dombroski, LMBT NC 7182

After 25 years as an engineer, Michael wanted to make individual people’s lives better, and started practicing massage in 2007.  He studied at Natural Touch School of Massage.  Previously, Michael worked with Kneaded Energy Professional Practice for 8 years and taught the Anatomy and Physiology course at Kneaded Energy School of Massage. His massage tends to be specific and firm but relaxing.   He brings his engineering mindset and outstanding understanding of the human body to his massage. He has 5 children and loves the outdoors.  When he isn’t massaging, you can find him working in his garden, hiking, kayaking, and cycling.

Massage Modalities:

• SwedishMichael Doing Massage
• Deep Tissue
• Hot Stone
• Sports
• Relaxation
• Condition Specific/Medical
• Shiatsu
• Lomi Lomi
• Energy Work
• Polarity


“You name it, Mike can help it with and for you. Highly skilled, ethical, clean, and wise. Complete confidence in recommending Mike’s services to anyone at all. Go there!” -MRS

“I suffer from debilitating TMJD headaches and Michael can get them to release in 5-10 minutes when absolutely nothing else will work. He’s also one of the only therapist who can really work out my shoulder issues. Besides that, he’s just a great guy.” -KK

“I have known Michael for 5 years, he is a problem solver and it shows in his work. His approach to massage is both deliberate and effective.” -Sharon Genwright, LMBT

“Excellent therapist! He’s knowledgeable, experienced and versatile. As a therapist myself, I so appreciate his skills. He got me out of pain and back to work quickly.” -Ashlee Coley, LMBT

“Michael is an amazing therapist! I just had my first session with him and it will not be my last. He is incredibly knowledgable in Anatomy and a variety of massage modalities which shows in his work and results in a highly effective massage. I am also a massage therapist and highly recommend his work! The office is inviting and warm, all around a wonderful experience!” -Millicent Perry, LMBT

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